Founded by Kelly M. Houle, Books of Kell’s Press is a registered 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit fine art press that aims to promote artistic beauty and intellectual openness, the ideas and values of Renaissance humanism, through the creation and distribution of small, handmade limited editions, original art, and educational materials. We also raise funds for organizations that contribute to world literacy by providing food, medicine, and books to children around the world.

We administer four programs to carry out our mission: Books of Kell’s (small, handmade editions), Illuminated Origin (our illuminated manuscript series), Celebrations (our fine art award and document program for organizations), and Young Observers (our art and science educational outreach program).


We believe in the power of artistic beauty to enrich human life.

We believe in the value of the book as a physical object.

We believe in the ideas and values of Renaissance humanism.

We believe in Naturalism in both art and science.

We believe in libraries.

We believe in the future value of the hand-crafted book.

We believe in craftsmanship.

We believe in calligraphy and the human hand.

We believe in letterpress printing and manual typesetting.

We believe in the sewn structure and the fine binding.

We believe in the gradual illumination of the mind.

We believe in creating works of exceptional depth and beauty.

We believe all children deserve a peaceful life.

We believe in the small, independent press.

We believe in science and reason.

We believe in lifelong learning and education for all.


We give a percentage of all book and print sales to the following organizations for their exemplary humanitarian service to children. We encourage you to support their wonderful work by becoming and continuing to be a collector of our work, or by giving directly to the organization.

Doctors Without Borders

Debra of America

Room to Read

St. Jude's Children's Ranch

All of our giving is done through Ebay Giving Works via booksilluminated, our Ebay storefront.

Copyright Kelly M. Houle 2016

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